Monday, January 29, 2007

We believe in the Resurrection

Mormons believe in the resurrection, right? Well, by virtue of the web, we are trying to resurrect this blog. Perhaps a better choice of words would be 'resuscitate,' but no matter. Much has happened since last we posted. We officially were removed from a listing on the Bloggernacle. We all became seriously thrashed with school, work, and life. And I got married *WOOHOO*!!! I was sealed to my wife on December 22, 2006 and gosh, it sure is swell. I would love to devote an essay to eternal marriage some time, especially considering it's recent impact on my life, but that is for the future.

Again, we are trying to breathe some life into this little humble blog, and I feel that a slight change of pace might be a good place to start. I have always wanted to write a poem on my personal feelings on the Atonement of Christ. I can't claim to be the Robert Frost of Mormondom, nor can I compare myself to W.W. Phelps. But at least I can express in another way my gratitude for the Savior. Please read it below.


Anonymous said...

yeah right. no resurrection here. no sir.

Anonymous said...

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