Monday, January 29, 2007

Two Men

Not too far off I see a lone man
Head high, shoulders squared, he stands all alone
A man so entrapped within his pride
His very own soul a dark prison cell
And still there he stands, unbending as stone

Just closer, a man standing all alone
Head still erect, body showing no strain
Inside he feels such ugly burdens
His spirit slowly bleeds away life
Yet little betrays this man’s inner pain

Still closer, a man hunched over in grief
Still stubbornly clinging to strength of his own
Stiffnecked, though bent from the crushing weight
His sweat, perhaps tears then pour down his face
His mind finally reaching for Someone once known

And nearer a broken man lifts up his eyes
Remembrance flows into his heart and mind
He now knows that he cannot stand on his own
Nor heal the ails of his damaged soul
Another is needed, this man’s wounds to bind

So close to me I can see two men
A Man in white robes, the other ragged and broken
The One wraps his arms around his dear friend
With love he caresses the head of the fallen
And wipes away tears with those hands marked with tokens

Now here I kneel, burdens lifted, heart healed
Again tears, not of sorrow, but joy on my face
The lowest I’ve bowed, yet the closest to Heaven
In the arms of Messiah I’m held in embrace
Partaker of Redeemer’s all-reaching grace

--Jonathan Rutherford (aka darth_ender)


How to write a research proposal said...

That was really nice written!
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J2A2K (darth_ender) said...

Wow, that was very nice of Mr. Research Proposal. Too bad I never got a real comment on my poem ;)