Thursday, August 10, 2006

Closing Thoughts on Marriage

Well, we have all had our shots at posing our views on same-sex marriage to the public. We received a good number of visitors and had some nice comments. Not as much as we'd like, but then, we're a small blogging team who puts out material infrequently. We write large works as it is, but these essays were massive and hard for many to get through, I suspect. We weren't as done as we promised to be, and therefore the three day spacing between essays never really happened. This resulted in further drops in interest. To top it off, the topic was largely dead on the flowing sea of Bloggernacle themes to begin with.

Through our writing, I don't think any of the other author's were swayed from their existing beliefs. But we learned a great deal from each other, as well as the complexities of the issue at hand. I think that the one thing we all agree on was that regardless of how we feel about same-sex marriage, those discussed are still people. We have no room to judge, to be unloving, to be anything but Christlike. All of God's children deserve to be treated as the divine beings they are.

Thanks to all who read our little three part series. We assure you, for our own sanity we will certainly never do it again :)

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