Monday, July 17, 2006

Gay Marriage: A Three-Part Spectrum

Gay Marriage:

A Three-Part Spectrum

This theme has become so common among the LDS bloggernacle, it is wondered whether our little blog with actually have any sort of impact. However, all three of the authors here have strong feelings on the matter, and all three of us share a different point of view. We have therefore decided to undertake a project addressing this topic, namely gay marriage.

We gave ourselves some rules to follow.

1) We all write different view on gay marriage. This was simple, as we all felt somewhat differently on this issue. Larscapo will be posting first, supporting gay marriage. I, darth_ender will post second, taking the exact opposite point of view. Mathoni will then give a sort of middle-ground piece, showing that the issue is not as black and white as many may think.

2) We will post our essays three days apart to give each writer time to receive sufficient feedback and limelight.

3) All our essays are completed before posting. This ensures that no one will simply rebut the others’ arguments directly, giving the later posters an upper hand in the weight of their arguments. The strength of our arguments comes from our own minds, without stepping on the words of the other posters at Correct Principles.

I think that sums it up. I believe you will not have to wait long before Larscapo makes his very first post on this blog as a kickoff to our project. Enjoy, and please comment away.

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